Let's Build Your Chat Button with Advanced AI Based Automated Chat System

Tools & Configuration

Step 2 - Choose Popular Messenger Icons
Step 3 - Customize your button
Example : Sales/Support/InfoTheme Inc./Rahul
Example : Typically Reply Within 2 Minutes.
Example : Hello how may I help you today?
Step 4- Enter Chat Questions or FAQ!
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    Chat Window
    Open Chat Window on Page Load!
    Company logo
    Disable branding
    Remove 'Get Button' link
    Step 5- Submit Email & Website
    Example : abc@website.com
    Example : doamin.com

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    Lets Meet To The Builder Team

    We at Infotheme Inc. building quaity softwares and proven for creative ideas & creative work spreading across the world.

    Sample avatar
    Rahul Negi

    CEO/Founder InfoTheme Inc.

    We are focused to make quality products & we are achieving this aim where my team is the key of this entire success. As I always says "nothing is better then kuda."

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    Web developer

    Quixchat is aimed to focus on customers of customers because we know you are the real brand ambassadors of our company and your customers are our happpiness.

    Sample avatar
    Hemant Bisht

    Backend Developer

    Trust is everything at infotheme incorporation and we believe sharing quality products and building quality products is not enough it's a duty.

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    Ajay Vyas

    Marketing Head

    You are the real marketers of our company and we believe if you are happy then we have celebration every moment here. You are the real hero of our firm!